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Whether it is pure fun, or relaxation you are looking for, or perhaps driving yourself to the maximum, paddling across deep see connecting distant islands, we have got your back. Regardless or your age, seks, or physical condition, the key is movement and we have it covered. Wake up before sun rise and wear your self beating the heat, or start slowly after late breakfast, for lighte entertainment on water or land. Take what you want, or let us tailor you a vacation which will take you to where you belong…moving by the rhythm of your hart.

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Guided with what we wish to find on a dream holiday we created an offer that covers diferent types of activities, which can be enjoyed separately or combined together in a tailored holiday all inclusive package.

Something for everyone, and everywhere on the island or Korcula, as we deliver our gear to your adrese . Enjoy 1, 3, or 7 day SUP, kayak and bike rental wherever you are, or find us on Ravno beach in Priba to jump from one to other, learning which you prefer.

Single Day Tours

Discover the wilderness of Korčula island

Discover the wilderness of Korčula; its`s beautiful nature, fascinating history, rich culture and exciting gastronomy. Choose from variety of our see and earth tours, tailored to give you a true Mediterranean experience as you work yourself exercising on water or land. Take advantage of the best way to combine a fun and healthy activity with exploring the island and surrounding archipelago.

Most of our tours are created to suit all family members, regardless of the age and readiness, giving you a unique opportunity to learn about Korčula end enjoy the best it has to offer with our trusted, experienced and devoted local guides. Do not miss out on wild islets, secluded bays, ancient archeological sights and centuries-old vineyards and olive groves. Enjoy healthy mud in a sandy lagoon, or cliff dive into the crystal sea and top it all wit some of the island finest vine and dine to make the best of your holiday.

Active Holliday Packages

Explore peaceful island of Korčula

Explore peaceful island of Korčula, experience movement and enjoy freedom on one of our active Holliday packages, designed for all ages. We offer you a custom tailored vacation in a variety of accommodations, combining sea and land sports with the best of local cousine, as we lead you trough the island and it`s archipelago.

Learn about the history, tradition, nature and culture, while discovering secluded bays, vineyard, and olive gardens, away from hectic mass tourisam centers. Reward yourself with a vacation that will bring you closer to your true nature and to your family, as the island of Korčula tells you a story of the forgotten Mediterranean, revealing you its secrets.

Living On The Edge

Get Ready For An Awesome Day

For the urban warriors who fight long working hours with a shrug, never to tired to take their kids out on a bike, or leave concrete to give them a taste of the forest and the sea. For you we have created a place where you can explore, experience and enjoy together, chasing the wind and the waves, while discovering new horizons. Get ready for the movement towards peace of mind. Grab a gear and go where your hart takes you. Be proud to show that you can have all,  finding pleasure on the very edge of your strength.

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If you can not reach us because of a poor signal on the island, just send us an SMS or e-mail us, and we will get back to you immediately!

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Our base is located in Prizba, Beach Ravno – island of Korcula

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